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Locksmith Madison, IN

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Residential Locksmith Madison, IN

A skilled residential locksmith is what you’ll find when you contact Malcomb lock. We can take care of any residential locksmith issues you have.

Home Lockouts

inside of malcomb lock truck

This is the inside of our well equipped mobile locksmith truck.

Getting locked out of your house is frustrating. Out of desperation, you might think about resorting to drastic measures, such as breaking a window or lock, to get back inside. Not only will you damage your home, but you’ll pay a lot for repairs. Instead, contact Malcomb Lock. We have the tools to get you back in your home with no damage to your home.

Lock Rekeying

Lock rekeying makes sense if:

  • Your keys have been lost or stolen
  • Tenants are vacating your property
  • Your home was broken into
  • Someone made a copy of your keys without your permission

Our locksmiths in Madison, IN will rekey your locks so that a new key will work with your existing locks. Old keys will no longer work so you don’t have to worry that someone can enter your home if they have an old key. We’ll rekey the locks by taking the doorknob off the door to get to the lock. We’ll remove the cylinder from the lock and replace the pins so that the lock will work with your new key.

Automotive Locksmith Madison, IN

car key fob in the door cylinder of a white truck

We are a full-service locksmith. Call for car keys, lock rekeying, or lock installation.

When it comes to your car, there are some issues that can arise that are best handled by an experienced automotive locksmith. We can take care of any auto locksmith issue you may be experiencing. We are also a motorcycle locksmith and can perform a variety of services for your motorcycle.

Ignition Repair

Over time, the metal components within the ignition begin to wear and will need to be repaired. When you have a difficult time turning the ignition or the key doesn’t seem to fit right anymore, you probably need to have it repaired. We will disassemble the ignition and replace the metal components within. We’ll reassemble it and it will work like new.

Car Key Cutting

Losing your keys is a real possibility. It’s always a good idea to have extra keys to everything you own and especially your car. Our locksmiths in Madison, IN are experienced key makers and can make a key for any make or model of car.

Commercial Locksmith Madison, IN

Keeping your business secure is our number one priority. Malcomb Lock offers many commercial locksmith services so you can have peace of mind knowing your business is safe from the outside world.

Lock Installation

If the locks are old or have become damaged, you probably need a new lock installation. Malcomb Lock will come to you and help you determine which locks will keep your business secure and we’ll use our special tools to quickly and efficiently install the new locks.

Commercial Lockouts

No matter if you work in a large industrial building or a small office, we have the tools to get you back in so you don’t have to miss a day’s work. We’ll use special tools to manipulate the lock so you can gain entry to your building and get to work.

Locksmith Near Me in Madison, IN

if you need a reliable locksmith in Madison, then call Malcomb Lock. We are a mobile locksmith that will come to you no matter the time of day. Give us a call for all your locksmith needs.

We're A Full-Service Locksmith. Give Us a Call.

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​We are a family-owned, mobile-only, full-service locksmith. Malcomb Lock can help with all your automotive, residential, and commercial locksmith needs.

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